954-764-8117 Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport DOT Inspections Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport FXE
954-764-8117 DOT Inspections Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport Come to our Yard We Service the FXE Airport with Annually Required DOT Inspections. Call for Required things to Bring.
Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport DOT Inspections, DOT Inspections Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, FXE DOT Inspections, DOT Inspections FXE,
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DOT Inspections FXE Airport on the Runway DOT Stickers

DOT Inspections Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport

Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport Annual DOT Permits


Any and every vehicle or support equipment that moves on and off the airport must have an annual DOT Inspection. Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport is the premiere spot to work for your vehicles. Oil Can Man is authorized by the state of Florida to perform a DOT Inspection anywhere. If something needs to be fixed, we fix it immediate upon issue. It is the best possible service for your DOT sticker needs. Yes! We do entire groups of vehicles at the same time. Already around our garage location? Bring it in we’ll UBER you back and then drop your vehicle off for you. You can simply wait also. Average time is around an hour. Call to setup your business with an account at Oil Can Man today.


Our Main Location Opens at 7:30 Monday – Friday for DOT Inspections

Appointments are Possible for Groups

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Very Rare to Wait

FXE Airport Appreciated for 20+ Years

Group lists make DOT calls much faster. Enter here.

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