954-764-8117 Sunrise DOT Inspections Sunrise
954-764-8117 DOT Inspections Sunrise Our facility opens at 8 am everyday. You do not need an appointment. DOT stickers same day issued. Please bring ID and registration with insurance.
Sunrise DOT Inspections, DOT Inspections Sunrise,
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DOT Inspections Sunrise Wide Loads Call for Alternate Location

DOT Inspections Sunrise

Sunrise DOT Inspections


Bring your vehicles into the Oil Can Man anytime during the week. A line starts to form around 7:30 and there are no appointments required. We do not expect you to have to wait. Oil Can Man is a full service DOT Inspection facility with on location technicians. Permits and stickers are issued same day. Our facility accommodates all heavy vehicles; however for oversize or wide load equipment, we will come to you. The same service is offered for corporate fleets. Please bring with you your United States issued drivers license and the correct insurance for the vehicle you are driving. Call for questions.


Bring the Correct Insurance for the Vehicle

Your DOT Permit Issued Immediately

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Wide Load Oversize Call for Dispatch to You

Mon-Fri Licensed by the State of Florida

Request a Callback to Your Location Here

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