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954-764-8117 Dump Truck Repair South Florida Heavy Haulers Hopper Piston Replacement Repair Engine and Fuel Tank South Florida Dump Truck Repair Curb Tow or Appointments
Dump Truck Repair South Florida, South Florida Dump Truck Repair
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Dump Truck Repair South Florida Dispatch Ready Now

Dump Truck Repair South Florida

South Florida Dump Repair with Hopper Service


Flips, crashes, messes, piston problems, no brake cranks, cab crushed by backhoe and so many more problems surround just one dump truck. Heavy hauler service and dump truck repair in south Florida by Oil Can Man is a salvation to many. Performing most work curbside with a truck full of tools and a good wench, just about any parts of your dump truck can be serviced for mobility. Engine, electric and AC a staple as well as a full spectrum piston, pumps and hopper hydraulics can be serviced per your make and model. Large yard with fleet PM. DOT certified for every vehicle that moves. Hourly, administrative and service calls for oil, tools, tech and tow call dispatch.


Body Work and Door Signage

Wrecker or Patch for Yard Service

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Preventative Maintenance in South Florida

Your Operations Smooth and Working on Purpose Mechanically

Give us all your vehicles. We’ll quote you via callback here.

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