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South Florida Fleet Maintenance, South Florida Fleet Maintenance,
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Fleet Maintenance South Florida Call to Quote Your Monthly Service

Fleet Maintenance South Florida

Top South FL Fleet Maintenance Service

Convenient Service

We work when your fleet is idle at your location. This way you save the time and expense of your drivers traveling to a service center for routine maintenance or the expense of having your own people perform these tasks. On average, we estimate this involves 1.5 hours of non-productive time for your vehicle and driver per visit.

On-Time Maintenance

Based on your actual mileage, we calculate the lube and oil change period (using input from mileage between changes) and provide a reminder or automatic appointment at the end of the appropriate period, thus insuring your vehicles are properly maintained. Past results indicate this regular, consistent service often saves costly downtime and repairs. This can translate to savings of up to twenty-five percent (25%).

Vehicle Tracking

In addition, we can provide a printout of each vehicle and its maintenance history while under the care of OCM. This tracking capability allows you to maintain complete, accurate records for each piece of equipment.

Over and Above the Call

While servicing your vehicles, our Service Technicians make note of any items they notice that need the attention of a mechanic. The person in charge is also notified immediately. This allows you to take the appropriate action before a more serious problem develops. Again, if taken advantage of, this improves your Operation and Maintenance costs. The information is also tracked on our computer, allowing a re-check of the problem at our next scheduled visit.

Comprehensive Reports

With the use of our custom Software and computer system, we are able to provide comprehensive reports concerning vital information on your vehicles. These reports can be used in a number of ways: data for income tax purposes, vehicle history, performance, controlling operating costs, etc. The possibilities are as varied as the different businesses that utilize the service.

Administration and Pricing

Convenient billing and service contracts are easily established. OCM will design a program to meet the specific needs of our company. Our pricing policy is consistent and professional. OCM’s policy is to offer the best, most professional service at the most economical price.


Craftsman Mechanics are Here for Your Diesels

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