954-764-8117 Sunrise Fleet Maintenance Sunrise
954-764-8117 Fleet Maintenance Sunrise Oil Can Man handles distractions we carry your parts and service your vehicles for you on a schedule. Choose any of our programs we offer including 24hr service.
Sunrise Fleet Maintenance, Fleet Maintenance Sunrise,
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Fleet Maintenance Sunrise for Imports Phone in Type

Fleet Maintenance Sunrise

Sunrise Fleet Maintenance


Shave off dollar signs in time and employee cost as you use the Oil Can Man fleet maintenance program in Sunrise. Our process is to provide a record of each of your vehicles as servicemen work to keep you running. Operations can run smoothly by keeping your staff at work. All types of service includes carrying your parts and routine oi. changes. We also offer 24hr assistance to our current customers in the case of working on vehicles after hours. Call for information . We’ll see you at Oil Can Man.


Save time on operations

Providing preventative maintenance

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We come to you

Monthly or Quarterly up to You

Quotes for a callback use our request form.

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